With more than 14 years in camera retailing and servicing, film processing, watches retailing and servicing, Bintang Maju has progressed from a retail outlet to a Canon appointed wholesaler. 

Since 1992, Bintang Maju has provided uncompromising commitment and reliable dealership to Canon Malaysia to distribute Canon's products. As Canon's most recommended wholesaler, Bintang Maju also prides itself as one of the most comprehensive distributors in the consumer market with a wide range of cameras, digital cameras and camcorders.

Bintang Maju collaborates with Canon to keep in pace with its latest marketing events, promotional activities and technical specifications while the latest stocks are reserved for Bintang Maju's network of dealers.

Bintang Maju offers a unique service to potential dealers who wish to be a Canon dealer. Dealers in Bintang Maju's distribution channel are ensured of genuine products and standard warranties, best parts availability, credit facilities, reliability and superior assistance in retailing.

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