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Abot Daisaku Ikeda:
Daisaku Ikeda is the president of Soka Gakkai International, a worldwide associatuion with membership in 185 countries and territories. To date, Mr Ikeda has travelled to more than 50 countries to promote peace and to hold dialoge with world leader, scolars and cultural figures. Mr Ikeda received the United Nations Peace Award in 1983. A prolific writer and poet, he receive the tittle of Poet Laureate from the World Academy of Arts and Culture in 1981. He is also an honorary mamber of the French Museum of Photography in Bievres.
Cover Photo-Mount Fuji stand regally amid
a surging sea of clouds
Mount Fuji, November 200
Dialogue with Nature.
"Poetry written with his eye" is how renowned French art critic and historian Rene huyghe described Daisaku Ikeda's photographs. Mr Ikeda himself states, 'The poetic mind sees the heart in nature". And now "the heart in nature" is rendered visible throught the photographs of the poet laureate himself. "Dialogue with nature" features a selection of photographs taken by Mr Ikeda during his travel for peace to different parts of the world. Whenever an opportunity has presented itself, Mr Ikeda has photographed scences of nature that have touched his heart. Since its debut in Paris in 1988, the exhibition has toured over 63 cities in 29 countries around the world including Hong Kong, Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Ankara, New York, Singapore, Toronto, Sydney, Moscow and Vienna. To date, the exhibit has attracted more than 7.5 milion people in Japan and abroad. Now for the very first time, the exhibition is brought to Malaysia, Soka Gakkai International and Soka Gakkai Malaysia. It is our sincered hope that this exhibition, which embodies Mr. Ikeda profound desire to protect our beautiful Earth for future generations, will strike a chord in your heart. May they also provide us the opportunity to carry on a traquil dialoge with nature, a dialogue to nourish our innermost.

Here is little poetwith leaf in his hand Ttokyo, December 1999
"Photographs are viewed with the eye, but throught the eyes they appeal directly to the heart… With advancements in camera tecnology, today one can take a picture merely by pressing a button. True photographs, however, are taken not with the camera but with the heart. Mr Ikeda senses his photographic subjects pass throught the filter of this philosophy before appearing on film."

Brazilian Historian of Photographic Art
How disciplined is this orderly formation of goldfish in their bowl
Gumma, August 2001

"Mr Ikeda takes photographs as freely as he writes poems and stories. I feel as if his camera functioned in tune with the rhythm of the universe and breathed like plants. I am impressed with what I find in each of hia photographs, poetry snd philosophy."

Presedent of the Photographic Society of Singapore
Water Lilies
Gumma, Japan, August 2001

"This exhibition of President Ikeda's 'Dialoge with Nature' reveals his hitherto little-known talent as a photographer. The powerful combination of his poetry and photographs expands our appreciation of his powers of communication. His sensitivity to the beuties of nature and his concern for peace and brotherhood are evident in his photographs and make a great impact upon the viewer."

Amarican Photographer and Founding Director of the International Centre of Photography.
A cozy hearth just made for long conversation and forgin deep friendship
Hachioji,Ttokyo, December 1998
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