Duralite (M) Sdn Bhd
Duralite (M) Sdn Bhd
Malaysia's Only Manufacturer of Woodwool Cement Board

Duralite provide a solution to the shortage of suitable and affordable housing, by the supply of simple and efficient technologies to enable local, cheap raw materials to be processed into woodwool cement board panels. The board is an environmental friendly material both in the production as well as in use. • A natural and cost-effective building material with basic components being Wood and Portland Cement. (Wood will become petrified). • Fire resistant, rot and water resistant, resistance against fungi and termite proof due to its petrified structure. • Lightweight material with a nominal density of 375 kg/m3 with a high thermal insulation value. The building systems allow a simple, fast and durable construction, where the panels are joined by a concrete frame (stiffeners) and has been proven over many years to be able to compete very favourably in the cost effective housing market all over the world.

       The company has the know-how to re-engineer any conventional building plan into its system, utilizing wood wool cement board and training the construction workers on site. The company has built, single and double storey houses as well as a mosque in Gombak Kuala Lumpur utilizing Wood-Wool Cement Board. All visitors from the housing construction industry have been pleasantly suprised by the cool air inside the thermal-insulated houses and mosque.
Manufacturer of Woodwool Cement Board :
An excellent composite lightweight building materials with the following properties :-
• Fire Resistant                     • Termite Proof                   • High Thermal Insulation             • Excellent Acoustic Quality
Other applications for the Woodwool Cement Board panels are:
• Permanent formwork for RC Structures     • Roofing underlay                                          • Suspended ceilings
• Lightweight suspended RC floors                • Fire resistant linig for steel structures     • Internal Party Walls, Wet & Dry
• Acoustic insulation, AHU/ME/Utility rooms lining

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