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Polyclinic Pesona is an integrated health care centre, integrating modern medical and complementary treatment for recuperating and rejuvenating various diseases. A qualified medical doctor with vast knowledge and experience in both modalities has being appointed to this centre. Numerous services available in this centre and medical ozone therapy being its core treatment.

Ozone (O3) is an allotropic form of oxygen. Chemically, ozone is oxygen with an extra molecule added (O2). It is oxygen in its most active form. It therefore means a more generous supply of oxygen, the life giver.

Ozone in nature is being produced through action of the flashes of lighting and the photochemical reaction of the UV light of the sun on atmospheric oxygen. Nature produces ozone for the purpose of purifying the air and to destroy all organic decay upon which disease germ and bacteria thrive.

Medical grade ozone is produced by ozone generator. Medical ozone is produced in varying concentration. 70 microgram / ml is considered to be the upper limit of concentration for internal uses of medical ozone. If we stay below that level, we will have no problems. Ozone has been found to be extremely safe medical therapy, free from side effect.

The first ozone generator was developed in Germany in 1857 and 1870 was the first report on ozone being therapeutically to purify blood in Germany. Since then, ozone’s therapeutic uses were extensive and growing daily. Today, after 135 years of usage medical ozone therapy is a recognized modality in many nations in Europe and the USA, and recently in Malaysia.

Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and protozoa, Stimulates the immune system, Cleans arteries and veins, Improves circulation, Purifies the blood and lymph, Normalizes hormone and enzyme production, Reduces inflammation, Reduces pain, Clams the nerves, Stop bleeding, Prevent shock, Prevent stroke damage, Reduces cardiac arrhythmia, Improves brain function and memory, Oxidizes toxin allowing their excretion, Chelates heavy metal, ozone works well in conjunction with EDTA, Reverses degenerative diseases, Prevents and treats communicable diseases, Prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases

Ozone’s therapeutic uses are extensive. To mention a few of the conditions that are regularly treated with ozone include:All bacterial, viral and fungal infections, Heart diseases, Angina, Arteriosclerosis,Gangrene, Senile dementia, Ulcers, Varicose veins, Arthritis, Diabetes, All forms of cancer, Parkinson’s diseases, Inflammatory bowel disease, Immune deficiency, Allergies and Asthma.

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Ozone Ears Insufflation
For Ear Infections And Improving Brain Functions.

Ozone Nasal Insufflation For Sinusitis

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603-5519 4066



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